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Multimedia Corp

"Top 100" National Award Winners

Interactive Training Course Programming.

Web Site and Computer Programming

Technical Drawing, Graphics Design, & 3D Animations

Script-to-screen Video Production

Interactive Compac Disc Mastering

Analog & Digital Recording/Editing for the Web and CD-Roms

Providing programming, content development, and integration solutions for interactive training, marketing, advertising,
instructional media applications and student testing.

Products for the Internet, Intranets, CD-Rom, DVD, television,
print, direct mail and public information kiosks.

ervices include consulting, design, programming,
project management, and systems integration.

Information technology (IT) constitutes an industry that has become a major economic player, and one that is seamlessly woven into the American mainstream public service and educational institutions. Organizations now have great opportunities to provide quality training and information for their employees, shareholders, prospects and clients.

American Multimedia provides computer-based solutions for connecting people, places, things and events through the integration of programming and managed content . We develop technical CAD illustrations, video, graphic animations, interactive 3D models and other electronic media.

For a quarter century, the evolution of the products and systems developed by American Multimedia present perfect opportunities for institutions seeking the ability create, deploy and have full update control of information technologies operating on personal computers or networks. Content can be delivered over servers, the Internet or on portable media such as DVD or CD-ROM. Sensitive data can be protected by restricting access through packaging, encryption and other security mechanisms requiring authorization and multi-level password keys for unlocking programs using telephone, mail and/or online registration.

American Multimedia is an Alaskan company, headquartered in the town of Homer. The business contracts to government, education and corpoate institutions. Craig and Joanne Cutler are the firm's principals. Short and long term projects are welcome.

In a letter of referral written to a fellow physician who expressed interest in multimedia teaching and training systems development, Dr. Rebecca Poling wrote:

"I mentioned Craig Cutler, with whom I worked for 8 years (2000-2007) who is the best in the business. Craig and his wife, Joanne, produced hours of multimedia content at the highest level, and as close to perfect as one can get. They work together, are very detailed and precise, and figure out how to communicate what you want to teach. Not only did they produce the animations, but also shot video, edited it, and incorporated it into flash movies so it could be delivered on CD or on the Internet.

I recently spoke with Craig and they are still working in these types of projects."

June, 2010

Top 100 Award


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